Layla Chabhar, strategic advisor

Safe spaces for queer people of color

Layla Chabhar, strategic advisor

My name is Layla Chabhar, and I have been on the core team since June 2019 and have been co-chair of colored Qollective's board since January 2020. I'm 25  years old, Lebanese, and I identify as bi/pansexual and queer.

I have come into contact with this collective since the beginning of CQ, at the time as a visitor. There I found a place where I finally saw people who were just like me, and where I didn't have to hide part of who I am. I didn't really feel safe in mainstream queer spaces.. In queer POC spaces, including CQ, I can be completely myself. Despite challenges, such as my battle with chronic physical and mental health issues, I feel accepted and embraced by the community. I am aware that mental health problems, loneliness and exclusion are common among people in this community, and have personal experience with them themselves. Because I have been able to find my own strength through CQ, I would like to commit myself to my community and pass on a sense of love, recognition and safety. I also think it is very important that everyone is able to be their most authentic self, and that the conditions for being able to do so are fulfilled.

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Foto credit: Henri Verhoef