Financial accountability

Safe spaces for queer people of color

In the interests of transparency, we would like to give a global idea of our financial expectations in the year 2021. It is therefore possible that the actual income and expenditure after this financial year will be slightly different from those indicated below. Below you will find a brief overview of the expected expenses and income. Below you will find a brief explanation of these amounts.


  • Foundation start-up costs: 5000 euros.
    Everything it takes to transition to an official foundation.
  • Services and group meetings: 40,330 euros.
    Project in collaboration with the municipality of Utrecht that focuses on the position of LGBTQIA+ people of color.  Costs include personnel costs, location rental and expenses.
  • Large-scale projects, Utrecht Canal Pride and Mini-symposium: 8000 euros.
    Main expenses are boat rental, sound system, space, organization, deployment of key figures etc.
  • Other: 3500 euros.
    Other expenses that do not belong to the categories above but are necessary for the management of a foundation, such as ICT or marketing.

Total expenditure: 56,830 euros


  • Municipal and government subsidies: 50,000 euros
    Structural grants to carry out the projects in question.
  • Other grants: EUR 8000
    Possible other grants from funds and initiatives, among others.
  • Donations private individuals: 1000 euros
    Smaller donations from multiple companies and individuals who want to support our foundation, through crowdfunding campaigns etc.

Total income: 59,000 euros