Safe spaces for queer people of color


Colored Qollective Christmas Dinner

To end the year together, we organized a potluck Christmas dinner in a homely atmosphere. Every visitor was asked (to what extent they could) to bring some food and/or drinks. In this way we ended the year with a lot of humor, joy and love.



Reclaiming our space: traditional racism

After a successful first meeting of Colored Qollective, we immediately organized a theme meeting shortly afterwards on discrimination, racism and the colonial past in relation to LGBTQI+ identity. Through an interactive workshop we have looked at our experiences with racism, how people view this topic, what history teaches us and what we can do about it as a collective.



Reclaiming our space: start meeting Colored Qollective

During the introduction meeting of Colored Qollective we introduced ourselves and gave the visitors a warm welcome with a delicious lunch. Together we have determined the vision for the future and common agreements of the collective, in which we have defined our own agenda and defined the principle and manners of a collective.