Safe spaces for queer people of color


Colored Qollective Queermas Potluck Dinner

During the cold days it is time to warm your heart in the presence of loving individuals and good food. Colored Qollective has organized a potluck dinner for the holidays. This means that everyone brings some food and/or drinks, to what extent that was possible. Maybe a dish from your own culture. With a small, intimate group of queer people of color, we were able to enjoy a delicious meal, music, drinks and conviviality together.



Reclaiming our art: Casual creative crafting hangout

After organizing more intensive and substantive meetings, the group was ready for something more accessible: using creativity! Through drawing, painting, making a collage, writing, or whatever you want, we have creatively portrayed ourselves and our identity. You didn't have to be "creative" for this at all, it's about having fun together and having a good time with your hands.


Reclaim Our Space: building safe(r) spaces

During this meeting we had a group conversation to discuss the foundations of Colored Qollective again. What does safety mean for? How can we create and guarantee this together as a group? During this constructive conversation, we jointly decided that the position of black and brown queer cis women, trans and non-binary persons is central.



PiQniQ Colored Qollective

Early summer and with the nice weather it is of course time to go outside! This time we decided to do a PiQniQ where everyone brought some food and drinks. This became our busiest meeting with more than 20 visitors. Participants have swam, listened to music and can enjoy the good food from various kitchens!


Inclusive Iftar

During Ramadan (fixed month for Muslims) we organized an Iftar in solidarity with the queer Muslims within our community. An Iftar means we break fasting together after sunset. This is the moment when people who participate in Ramadan are allowed to eat again. During such an evening, it is all the more important that the food is served halal and afterwards the prayer is performed for the Muslims who want it. There is also an inclusive jumma'h, in which Muslim people can perform prayers side by side in a common room.



Reclaiming our activism: power and sex structures

During our fourth meeting, we talked about power structures in relation to sexual relationships within the LGBTQI+ community of color. In the context of #MeToo, we looked at structures including hetero-normativity, patriarchy and colonialism. Questions that were addressed were: What is going on within the queer community of color around this theme? How do we make this topic negotiable? What is the relationship between sex and power?



Reclaiming our health: mental health among queer people of color

During our first meeting in the new year, we chose to discuss a very sensitive topic that many people in the group have to deal with, namely: mental health. Many of us deal with different forms of depression, anxiety, suicidality and other forms of mental health. In addition, it is also taboo to raise these kinds of topics. We have chosen an interactive form in which we have looked with the group at causes and consequences, individual and relational atmosphere, support mechanisms and effective ways of assistance.