Intersex documentary ''Girl boy mix''

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Intersex documentary ''Girl boy mix''

Girl boy mix

Amsterdam, 2021

'Some people don't believe me, some people
don't understand me." Wen Long (9) is intersex. Interwhat? Exactly,
hardly anyone knows what that is. This short documentary should be there
change it. It is the first documentary from the
perspective of an intersex child.

Meisjesjongensmix is a short documentary about Wen Long. With her
birth could not be seen whether she was a boy or a girl. A lot of these
children are operated on at a young age to give them more young or
girl to 'make'. This did not happen with Wen Long, she may herself
choose. She's happy with that, but it's not easy. Because if you
boy and girl at the same time, where do you belong?

Breaking the taboo
Wen Long wants to tell her story. Because even though we are hitting more and more
accustomed to people who do not fit into a box, Wen Long notices that
hardly anyone knows that intersex exists and is even common. And
she now realizes that many other intersex people there are precisely
don't dare to talk about it.

Long range with short film
Meisjesjongensmix is the directorial debut of journalist Lara Aerts and
produced by Prospektor. The documentary was developed in the
framework of The Encounter, a platform where beginning filmmakers have a
making a 6.5-minute film. Lara: 'An ideal length to make a sensitive
to bring the subject to the attention of a large audience and to bring the
start talking about it." With that, hopefully, Wen Long's wish
in fulfillment, namely 'That the whole world knows what intersex is
and it becomes as normal as gay and lesbian."

The documentary premiered at the Dutch Film Festival in
September 2020. The film runs during the school program of
Cinekid in Amsterdam (6-9 October) and online at Cinekid Play between 7
and October 23. Cinekid has selected the documentary for the
competition Best Short Documentary.



What is intersex
Reliable information about intersex can be found at and
The Encounter:

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