Safe spaces for queer people of color

Black and queer: "Then you just fall between shore and ship"

A board member of Colored Qollective has talked about their experience as black and queer in this next article from KRO-NCRV. Click here to read this article:

'Longest' Rainbow Bike Path? Stop symbolism!

It's Pride Month and the ads are storming again. The ING, Politie Nederland, the CDA and commercial companies shine with the Rainbow colours. It is striking this year that Utrecht…
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Colored Qollective: a foundation with a mission

Expreszo has written an article about us. Click on the following link to read this: Colored Qollective: een stichting met een missie

Colored Qollective nominated for the Jos Brink Prize 2021

Colored Qollective has been nominated for this year's Jos Brink Innovation Prize! ''The Jos Bink Innovation Award is a biennial incentive prize for a person or organisation that is committed…
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Colored Qollective wins Winq Community Award 2021

(Photo credit: Henri Verhoef) Colored Qollective has won the Winq Community Award this year! About the award, the award ceremony, and a video interview you can find everything on the…
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Intersex documentary ''Girl boy mix''

Girl boy mix Amsterdam, 2021 'Some people don't believe me, some people don't understand me." Wen Long (9) is intersex. Interwhat? Exactly, hardly anyone knows what that is. This short…
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Progress Pride flag on Coming Out Day 2020

municipality of Utrecht hoistes Progress Pride flag on Coming Out Day 2020 Due to an initiative of board member Fayaaz Joemmanbaks, the municipality of Utrecht has decided on 2020 to…
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Vrij Nederland Rainbow Policy

Interview Vrij Nederland Regenboogbeleid In the article below, board member Lucien Sanchéz of Colored Qollective, among others, gave her opinion on the rainbow policy.   Apart from the flags and…
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Colored Qollective in the news: Boot Utrecht Pride 2019

Utrecht Pride 2019 In 2019 Colored Qollective organized together with Respect2Love the first, at the time still called bicultural, boat! Here are some news items in which, among others, various…
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